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Lead Game Designer | Technical Designer | Level Designer


From the Shadows is a cooperative puzzle-platformed in which players must escape from a mysterious castle by solving puzzles and overcoming traps around the mechanics of Shadow and Light.

One player controls the Light character, who emits an aura revealing the light platforms and making the shadow platforms disappear.

The other player controls the Shadow character, evolving on these platforms.

This unique mechanic has great depth, which allows the game to be filled with many levels.

From the Shadows won 3rd place at the Game Development World Championship 2020 in the Hobby category.




Puzzle - Platformer


PC | Mac


Lead Game Designer

  • Be the referent in term of level quality and new game mechanics

  • Allow all others Game and Level Designers (4 other people) of my team to freely express their ideas and inquiries through meetings

  • Pay particular attention to the work done by everyone and how it might be improved

  • Make the link between the Lead Programmer and the Lead Artist to ensure the smooth running of the project

  • Keep the Game Design Document up to date

  • Plan each week the task we need to work on for our weekly sprint

Level Designer

  • Design levels with special attention to different aspects such as cooperation, storytelling through staging, lighting, and difficulty

  • Illuminate the levels with lights to put forward important gameplay elements, while taking performance into account

  • Build levels into chapters, paying attention to the difficulty curve of the chapters

Technical Designer

  • Fast prototyping in the pre-production phase in order to validate game mechanics and to start to design levels

  • Prototyping new game mechanics to ensure they fit with the existing ones

  • Script different game events in the levels (dialogues, animation)

  • Act as a link between the Design team and the Programming team regarding the tools we need to work

  • Lighten the work of the Programming team by taking care of simple tasks such as bug correction and development of some gameplay mechanics

  • Programming of tools to help create dialogues scenes and events

  • Realisation of real time cinematics


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