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Game & Level Designer | Technical Designer


Noara - The Conspiracy revisits turn-based strategy games and offers a new experience in an original heroic-fantasy universe.

Noara is a game of its own thanks to a unique mechanic: Noara allows you to play in real time during the opponent's turn!

Indeed, even during the defensive turn you will be fully active. You will have to use tactics and speed of execution to counter your opponent's attacks and destroy his stronghold in order to win.




Turn-based PVP Tactical




Game Designer

  • Design new characters (role, skills, characteristics, price)

  • Design new items and special skills

  • Balance the already-existing game elements (items, characters, skills, mechanics)

  • Balance the game economy (resources earned, price)

  • Design and balancing of new game mechanics

  • Creation of mock-up for UI and new game mechanics

Technical Designer

  • Prototyping of new mechanics using C# to validate new mechanics

  • Prototyping of new game modes (cooperative PvE mode, Capture the Flag mode)

  • Balancing of new and existing mechanics on Unity

  • Programming of new items and characters skills

  • Unity integration

Level Designer

  • Design of a 1v1 battleground

  • Design and tests of a 2v2 battleground

  • Iterative prototyping of the battleground on Unity to ensure it fits the game design

  • Prototyping of new mechanics related to level design (battleground objectives, map elements)


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