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Game Designer | C# Programmer


Undership is a party game made in 48 hours during the Global Game Jam 2020. In this game, inspired by classics such as Overcooked,  players must work together to repair the boat, or risk ending up at the bottom of the ocean.

Random events occur from time to time, such as holes in the hold, the ship catching fire or enemy ships firing cannonballs.

I was mainly a C# developper on this project, taking care of the different events of the game and the general game design.




Party game


PC | Mac


Game Designer

  • Brainstorming of the base idea based on the imposed constraints

  • Design of random events occuring in the game

  • Balance the game difficulty

  • Setup of the camera to keep a good understanding of what is happening in the game, even though it is played on two floors

C# Programmer

  • Development of a prototype to test game mechanics

  • Development of gameplay mechanics such as random events occuring in the game

  • Assets and animation integration


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